To enable the Brothers to judge the depth and extent of your interest in Kappa Beta, these duties are set down for you to execute:

  1. Wear your pledge pin at all times (and don’t lose it!).
  2. You will carry this book with you at all times.
  3. On every day of the Pledge Period you will wear a sport coat or suit, tie, and neatly pressed pants. No sneaks or dungarees.
  4. You will address all Brothers as “Mister.”
  5. You will obtain the signatures of all Brothers, their hometowns, and in the case of faculty Brothers, you will get their major department instead of their hometown. Memorize each as you obtain it.
  6. You will make a fraternity paddle, according to specifications, by a date designated by the Pledge Committee.
  7. You will be required to know:
    • the Sound Off on the first day of the Pledge period.
    • the fraternity Hymn and Drinking Song by the time of the first meeting.
    • the Greek Alphabet* by the time of the second meeting.
    • the fraternity history by the time of the third meeting.
  8. You will do any service requested by a Brother.
  9. The Pledge Committee may issue other duties at its discretion.
  10. You will be required to carry out the provisions of your Hell Letter.
  11. You will learn the names of all officers and committee members of the fraternity by the time of the second meeting.
    *Learn the Greek Alphabet forwards and backwards.

— The Pledge Committee



I, (state your name), am a humble and lowly pledge of Kappa Beta Fraternity, in reality nothing more than a worm which crawls along the ground always under foot. I serve no other useful purpose than to fear my superior beings and to obey their every command. Sir!

(tune: Gaudeamus Igitur)

Kappa Beta be our guide
of Thy name we speak with pride.
Brothers all fraternally;
one for God, for State, for thee.
Let our voices now resound,
For Thy glorious name renowned;
Keep us ever in Thy fold,
Kappa Beta, Blue and Gold.


Raise high your steins, men
And drink a toast then
To the colors of Blue and Gold.
And let your heads sing,
while foaming steins bring
Golden memories of old.
So be glad then
That you have drunk when,
hearts were gay and handclasps free.
Be glad that you have drunk as one of the men of old KB