In keeping with Kappa Beta’s origin in 1937 as the only fraternity on campus open to Jewish students, some of the first Kappa Beta brothers began KB’s tradition of giving back to UAlbany by establishing individual endowments that support Judaic Studies at the University:

The Irving Fishman Endowment was established by Irving Fishman, ’40 to award grants to worthy Judaic Studies in need of financial support. Fishman was founder and President of Maritime Power Corporation of Jersey City, N.J., a prominent supplier of marine and industrial equipment.

The Lillian L. Kensky and Dr. Harry C. Kensky Endowment Fund Award. Established by Mrs. Lillian L. Kensky in memory of her husband, Dr. Harry C. Kensky, ‘43 and member of Kappa Beta, the fund awards scholarships in alternate years on the basis of academic merit and financial need to graduating seniors planning to pursue graduate studies in Jewish service or scholarship.

The Calvin and Patricia Zippin Endowment Scholarship. Dr. Calvin Zippin, ‘47 and his wife Patricia founded this endowment in memory of Cal’s parents Samuel and Jennie Zippin to help outstanding students of Judaic Studies pursue their educational goals.

The Bernard D. Arbit Fund established by Bernard D. Arbit ’42 and a member of Kappa Beta provides support for the Department of Judaic Studies and Center for Jewish Studies.

One of Kappa Beta’s most famous alumni, Harold Goldstein a/k/a Harold Gould ’47 and his wife Leah Gould established The Futterer-Gould Endowment in honor of Agnes Futterer, a professor of English and Drama at UAlbany from 1917 to 1959. Professor Futterer mentored Harold Gould, who went on to act in film, television and on stage for over fifty years. The Endowment was administered by the Theatre Department to support programs in speech and voice training for students. 


Continuing this tradition in 1987, Fishman, Kensky, Rosenberg, and Arbit, along with Nahum Lewis ‘38, Harry Bergstein ‘39, Norman Baldwin ‘41, George Pearson ’41, Harry Passow ‘42, Bernard Bernhardt ’45, and Philip Malafsky ‘51 established  The Kappa Beta Memorial Fund to commemorate the fraternity’s 50th anniversary. The Kappa Beta Memorial Fund’s endowment of over $60,000 benefits the Judaic Studies Department at UAlbany which promotes literacy and scholarly knowledge about Judaism and Jewish history in their diverse cultural expressions from antiquity to the present. Awards are determined by the Director of Judaic Studies and include an annual Kappa Beta Memorial Fund Scholarship given to a student pursuing Judaic Studies, and may also support other initiatives of the Department.

A recent recipient of the Kappa Beta Memorial Fund Scholarship wrote, “I am an English major and a Judaic Studies minor. I love studying literature and critical analysis. I joined the Judaic Studies program my second semester back because I was fascinated by the rich and very long history of the Jewish people, as well as guided by the wonderful and brilliant Federica Francesconi. I finished the minor quickly but continue to take classes on the subject. I’ve taken courses stemming from Israelite Ethnogenesis in the Ancient Near East, all the way up to current political antisemitism and conflicts. I plan to continue my studies all the way through a doctorate program and become a professor, so I can return the kindness and knowledge that have been given to me, to others. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to study, and even more so, to have the financial burden alleviated as I navigate the collegiate atmosphere. Thank you so much Kappa Beta.”

The Kappa Beta Memorial Fund is administered by The University at Albany Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation organized for the purpose of encouraging philanthropic contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations in support of activities and programs of the University at Albany. Gifts to The Kappa Beta Memorial Fund are tax deductible under The University at Albany Foundation’s Section 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status, tax ID 14-1503972. The Foundation provides Kappa Beta alumni Bill Robelee and Dan Johnson with annual donor impact reports, and Bill, Dan and Roy Cameron meet scholarship winners and their faculty advisors personally at the Alumni House when possible.

We encourage you to make a tax deductible donation to The Kappa Beta Memorial Fund using this link: Kappa Beta Memorial Fund Donation Form.